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Teachers and staff are expected to follow the guidelines for reproducing copyrighted material as outlined below.

You may copy:

  • Any work for which you have obtained written permission from the copyright holder (author or publisher).
  • Copies that meet the "fair use" standard for teaching.
  • Any work that is considered public domain.
  • Publications more than 75 years old.
  • Works published before January 1, 1978 and which do not display a copyright notice.
  • Most U.S. government documents.

A single copy of the following is permitted. The reproduction must include the copyright information. If multiple copies are made from a single copy for classroom use, no more than 9 instances of multiple copying can occur during one class term per teacher.

  • Copies that meet the "fair use" standard for teaching.
  • Chapter of a book.
  • Article from a periodical or newspaper.
  • Short story, short essay, or short poem.
  • Poems must be less than 250 words or not more than two pages; an excerpt of 250 words may be reproduced from a long poem.
  • Stories, articles, or essays must be less than 2,500 words; if it is longer, an excerpt of 1,000 words or 10% of the work is permitted.
  • A chart, diagram, graph, drawing, cartoon or picture from a book, periodical, or
  • newspaper. (Copyrighted, syndicated cartoons may not be copied).

You may not copy:

  • An entire book, anthology, play, or collective work unless it is considered public domain.
  • Consumables, such as workbooks, standardized tests, test booklets, and answer sheets.
  • Videos or CDs
  • Television or satellite broadcasts unless you are a non-profit organization and tapes are erased after 45 days.
  • Computer software unless you are the legitimate owner and need to make an archival copy.
  • Music which provides extra parts for one instrument, or music which substitutes for the
  • purchase of music.

Note the following exceptions:

Emergency copies needed for a performance to replace purchased copies are permitted.
Single or multiple copies of excerpts of works which do not exceed 10% of the whole
work are permitted.

Violating copyright is illegal. The fine is $500.00 to $20,000 per infringement. If an individual is
found guilty of infringing the law for private or commercial gain, the penalty is $500.00-$250,000
per infringement and 1-5 years in prison. See the librarian or principal if you have questions or concerns.

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