English Language Arts

5th-6th Grade Language Arts

In these grades, students study the of elements of literature, various genres of literature, and learn to write essays at a more advanced level. Literature books are utilized to read short stories, poetry, and various nonfiction. Novels are selected on an individual basis, and are determined by available materials and resources.

Grade 6 Textbook

7th Grade Language Arts

The 7th grade curriculum continues to enhance writing and reading skills. The students read various classic and contemporary novels, while becoming more independent, active readers. Some of these novels include A Christmas Carol and The Giver. The students also practice a variety of genres of writing, including narrative, creative, and literary analysis. During the winter, they will enjoy a trip to the theater to see a classic novel come to life.

Grade 7 Textbook

8th Grade Language Arts

The 8th grade curriculum is designed to prepare the students for high school. They will continue to read classic literature, along with many different genres of contemporary fiction and nonfiction. Some of these works include A Raisin in the Sun, and William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. As a first exposure to Shakespeare, the students learn to interpret and analyze old English and enjoy the complex text. They will also take a deeper look into writing about literature, and learn to write long essays more independently. A wonderful theater company visits our school in the spring for a live performance of Shakespeare.

Grade 8 Textbook




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