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"A counselor is an ordinary human being with extraordinary skills."  - Cliff Cole

The middle school student has an immense developmental range.

From the pre-pubescent 5th grader to the adolescent 8th, an incredible amount of emotional and physical growth takes place.  Numerous opportunities are available for students to seek support in this growth in regards to academic responsibility, emotion management, and relationship skills. It is the goal of the Guidance Department to reach out to ALL students, at ALL levels, to help  ALL grow and develop in ALL facets of maturation.

In-School Services include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Support for family issues
  • Social/Relationship issues
  • Emotional Issues
  • Academic issues

Group Counseling Services include:

  • Lunch groups
  • Social groups
  • New student orientation
  • Focus and special needs groups

Crisis Support Services include:

  • Student, family, school, and community
  • Referrals to outside agencies

Programs include:

  • Violence prevention
  • Coordination and presentation of Second Step developed by the Committee for Children
  • Anti-bullying initiatives

Transitions to North Middlesex Regional High School include:

  • Support in course selection
  • Initiate contact with High School Guidance Department

Additional Resources include:

  • Section 504 Coordinator
  • Special Education/Evaluation Team
  • Tutor referral
  • Outside therapist/counselor referral
  • Coordinator of in-school counseling with clinicians from Lipton and South Bay
  • CTY (Center for Talented Youth) Coordinator with Johns Hopkins University
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