Physical Education

Physical Education: Miss Stanton and Mr. Savard

At Nissitissit, we believe that every student can be physically fit.  We want to help students enjoy exercising and try new activities to improve their fitness.  Our curriculum provides students with a wide range of aerobic and anaerobic sports, as well as emotional regulation strategies for each unit.  We understand that middle schoolers have different competitive levels and usually have a competitive and a non-competitive activity during each class.  We understand that every student has different strengths and sometimes students feel uncertain or nervous when trying something new.  Therefore, attitude, effort, participation, and good sportsmanship are the basis of our grading system.  Students do not need to be natural athletes to earn an “A”.  We expect each student to try and be active during each class. Every student is provided with the  knowledge and tools to be healthy and pursue lifelong physical fitness.


Each class you can receive a score of up to 10 points.

Appropriate dress & sneakers = 3 points

Warm-up: participation & behavior = 3 points

Daily Activity: participation, attitude, effort, sportsmanship = 4 points

Written assignments may be included throughout the school year that will factor into your average separately.

Weather permitting, ALL classes will be going outside from first period to last period from the first day of school until Thanksgiving and then again in the spring.  Students are encouraged to bring extra socks and sneakers.  They have time to change.  Students are allowed to bring water bottles outside.   Shorts and T-shirts are not considered appropriate for cooler fall or early spring days.  Students need to have sweatshirts /jackets and pants.

Rules for PE

  • Follow the directions & whistles the first time

  • Respect people and equipment

  • Dress appropriately

  • Practice positive sportsmanship

Sportsmanship is to:

  • think rationally, even when frustrated

  • manage disappointment

  • cooperate and work together

  • have an open mind to try new things

Growth Mindset for Sport

Physical Education Scope and Sequence


Emotional Regulation Focus

Beginning of the Year: Rules, Procedures, and Cooperative Games

  • identify positive and negative behaviors, and procedures of what to do when you are involved / witness negative behavior

Outdoor Aerobic Sports: soccer, speedball, ultimate frisbee

  • think rationally, even when frustrated

  • manage disappointment

Anaerobic Sports: football, volleyball

  • how you think affects how you feel

  • have an open mind to try new things

  • manage anxiety & nervousness

Pre Fitness Testing

  • consider the big picture

  • focus on improving yourself not comparing yourself to others

Fitness: stations including yoga, medicine balls, foam rollers, and much more

  • notice how others are reacting to you

  • relaxation activities

Post Fitness Testing

  • consider the big picture

  • focus on improving yourself not comparing yourself to others

Indoor Aerobic Sports: basketball, floor hockey

  • monitor the intensity of your emotions

  • considers a range of solutions to a problem

  • thinks hypothetically, is able to envision different possibilities

Project Adventure:

high-elements - grade 6-8

cooperative games - grade 5

  • self-calming / soothe senses

  • perspective / don’t over-focus on the negative

Net Games: badminton, pickleball, nitroball

  • understands how his or her behavior is affecting other people

  • thinks before responding; considers the likely outcomes or consequences of his or her actions


Creative Games: matball, bunny ball

  • distract yourself with something

Our Wish List

We are always looking to add to our fitness center and maybe our next great piece of fitness equipment is in your  basement, garage, or attic.  If you have some items that you do not use and would like to donate, contact Miss Stanton  or Mr. Savard .  

  • *Treadmills*

  • Rowers

  • Light (2-15 lbs) dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls

  • Stability Balls

  • Yoga Mats

  • Yoga Blocks

  • Anything- Literally anything that is good shape and can increase  heart rate

PE whistles

1 whistle = stop, look, listen

2 whistles = gather quickly for group instruction

3 whistles = gather at attendance line

Daily Agenda

  • Line up in hallway until appropriate time

  • Immediately begin warm ups (from poster)

  • When music stops, go to attendance line

  • Listen for directions/instructions

  • Lesson/Activity

  • At 3 whistles, move to attendance line for summary activity

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