Social Studies

Grade 5 Social Studies

Fifth graders study U.S. History through the Civil War. Focus is on Native Americans, explorers, colonial life, the American Revolution, forming a new nation (i.e. the constitution and the three branches of government), U.S. growth (i.e., Lewis and Clark, the Louisiana Territory, the Texas Revolution, and the California Gold Rush); and the Civil War.

Grade 6 Social Studies

Sixth graders study World Geography. Focus is on map skills (i.e., reading a map, longitude and latitude), land formations, and geography of the world.

Grade 7 Social Studies

Seventh graders study Ancient History. Focus is on the origins of human beings in Africa and the early civilizations that flourished in the Mediterranean area. They study the religions, governments, trade, philosophies, and art of these civilizations as well as the powerful ideas that arose in the ancient world and profoundly shaped the course of world history. These ideas include monotheism, democracy, the rule of law, individual worth, personal responsibility, the alphabetic principle for a writing system, and scientific reasoning.

Grade 8 Social Studies

Eighth graders study World History. Focus is on the three major monotheistic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), the Fall of Rome, Feudalism, the Crusades, the Renaissance, the Protestant Reformation, the Scientific Revolution, and the Age of Exploration. Prior to the 8th grade Washington DC trip, the students will learn about the memorials, monuments, and landmarks that are in Washington DC. They will learn the history behind each memorial, monument, and landmark and their significance. As a culminating activity, the students will be required to complete a comprehensive research paper.

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